About Osteria Romana

Filippo LV

Ripped jeans, open shirt and rolled up sleeves, countless tattoos visible. At first glance, when you see Filippo La Vecchia, you don't imagine that he is a chef. Rather that he is a member of a rock band. And in itself, that's not entirely untrue. He has the soul of a rocker behind his kitchenware.

But nothing destined Filippo to become a chef in a restaurant. Born into a family of doctors, the Italian left his native country at 20 years old to discover the world. In November 2012 his dreams came true and opened his restaurant: Osteria Romana.

What we do

If you were looking for an ordinary restaurant experience, we suggest you to keep looking... At Osteria Romana we’re all about elevating classics to the next level. ⁠Step inside and be dazzled by the romantic allure of our mansion, our cocktail bar and our impeccable personalized service.

In short: Roman specialties in a timeless picturesque setting in Brussels. ⁠We won’t waste any more words on it, experience it for yourself.